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About Us

VR Help is the brainchild of the husband-wife team, Shawn and Jessica.

Shawn’s business/marketing background (MBA, University of Hawaii, 2004) and Jessica’s skillful eye for design make for a natural fit for vacation rentals, an industry where design sensibility and marketing acumen are sorely lacking.

Along with partners, they launched their inaugural vacation rental offering in 2003 on the island of Oahu. Quick success led to another Oahu property launch two years later. And so it was, with two thriving vacation rentals of their own, that the VR Help concept and vision – to help other homeowners achieve similar vacation rental bliss – was borne. Since its inception, the company has launched and managed eight client properties, each an instant hit and market leader.

VR Help currently operates in the Rincón region of western Puerto Rico and on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Pricing is 20-30% of gross rental revenue. All ancillary services are offered to clients quid pro quo.