Admin Services

Can you imagine anything worse than forgetting a check-in day and having guests arrive to an uncleaned place? How about booking two families for the same week? Or forgetting to charge a balance due? Accidental double charge? How about a crashed computer, destroying all your future guest info?

The administrative task list goes on and on. Without the proper system in place, things can get real messy. Over many years, we've perfected a system - comprised of various critical bits of technology - that helps keep our rentals operationally flawless.

Perhaps our #1 ally is our customer database. It keeps us organized - generating reminders that a guest balance is due, a new guest is arriving tomorrow, the lockbox code needs to be changed, etc. - and assists us in future marketing strategies. For example, we can monitor booking sources to see which ad dollars are working better than others. We can spot trends - like booking lead times - and use that data to optimize the timing of future pricing and promotions. It truly is an invaluable tool.

Other useful tools and procedures that we use:

  • * Google Analytics: provides crucial website traffic data, including referral sources
  • * Google Apps: email hosting that provides reliable service and a built-in backup (imap) on Google's server
  • * Rental Agreement: an SSL Secured page on the property website that protects the homeowner and lends confidence to the renter
  • * Electronic File Cabinet: each reserved guest is dedicated an electronic folder in which all our email correspondence is consolidated and saved
  • * File Backup: all critical files - including web files, email files, financials, etc. - are backed up once daily for safekeeping
  • * Billing System: simple, easy-to-understand Excel spreadsheet emailed monthly to homeowners


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