Hybrid Mgmt 101

If your vacation rental is nowhere near our home base in Hawaii, you may be wondering how this relationship could possibly work. Well, it starts with recalibrating the traditional thinking that a single firm should handle all components of your rental's management.

You don't ask your electrician to fix a plumbing leak and you don't ask your plumber to re-wire your house. The vacation rental industry is no different. The marketing and sales component requires an entirely different skill set than the onsite component (the traditional "property management" piece).

It's called hybrid management, and it's the new-age way to successfully operate a vacation rental.

As much as realty companies like to pitch themselves as being most qualified to manage your rental's marketing/sales and onsite components, the reality is that they are generally neither. They specialize in assisting in the buying and selling of homes. Compare their VR-specific knowledge to ours and it's really no comparison at all.

No realtor is dedicated to the vacation rental industry like we are. No one is going to take the time - or possess the skills - to build you a customized website like we do. No one is going to regularly post and update ads like we do. No one is going to monitor analytical data like we do. No one is going to respond, on a consistent basis, to prospective guests as quickly as we do. With a big realty firm, you get plugged into their system and forgotten, only to be remembered on the rare occasion the phone rings.

When the goal is to maximize rental revenue, hybrid management* is the solution. VRhelp lives and breathes vacation rental marketing and sales, and no one does it better.

* We coordinate with the folks handling the onsite piece (cleaning person, emergency guest contact), and we'll make sure that they are always armed with the information they need: guest names and numbers, check-in and checkout dates, a list of repair people to contact for specific issues, etc.


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