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Without a doubt, a property website represents the most valuable sales tool of all. Yet they are fairly rare in the vacation rental industry. And of those that do exist, it's clear that many were built by IT folks who, in their unfamiliarity with the industry, fail to address the common questions on most travelers' minds.

The search-engine-optimized (SEO) and mobile-ready websites we design, on the other hand, are absolutely customer-centric. Our sites offer two proprietary features in particular that are squarely focused on travelers' two most fundamental questions: (1) Do I like the place itself? and (2) Is the place in a desirable location?

Feature 1: Floorplan w/ Embedded Pics

We believe there is no better way to thoroughly and accurately depict a property than our proprietary feature of embedding photos within a floorplan. Instead of a grid of disparate photos that often create more questions than answers, the embedded floorplan feature allows guests to make sense of what they are seeing. And it's a clear sign that we've got nothing to hide, again lending confidence to the skeptical traveler.

Below is an example screenshot from the website of our client-property North Shore Affinity. (click image for interactive version)


Feature 2: Things To Do Map

Along with assurance that the place itself is ideal, most prospective guests want to see that the location also fits the bill. A simple description is okay, but a map is far better! With your assistance, we'll create a custom map with neighborhood/area favorites. For example, if your property is in a city, the map may highlight a great park across the street, the many fantastic bars and restaurants within walking distance, and that great underground venue hosting some of the best live music.

The following screenshot from the Beach House in Paradise website offers examples of how we can highlight a great location. (click image for interactive version)



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